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Toscana Photographic Workshop

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OUR MISSION: Help you to  become better photographers whilst discovering new parts of the world, sharing great company and experiences.

TPW is mostly a place of confrontation and learning, not only of photographic “technique”, but of all those aspects – from how to promote one’s work to how to publish it or expose it in a show; from how to create a portfolio to how to photograph in critical situations – aspects which are needed to become a photographer, in the most complete meaning of the word.

TPW workshops are open to everyone who has a true passion and interest in photography : from absolute beginners to professional. Everybody will find here the right approach to either discover the world of photography, or moving on towards new visions.

Toscana Photographic Workshop is a centre where one has the possibility to attend photographic workshops with major international photographers. TPW started in 1993, and was officially founded in 1994. During these years it has grown exponentially, filling up a precise need in the world of photographic education. The intention is to communicate to the students a particular photographic vision, which they would then go on to develop in the following years.



Vicolo Stradellaccio 1 - 40123 Bologna - Italie

+39 340 5546 571