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Cobertura Photo

Independant space devoted to photography

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Cobertura stems from the hand of the photographer Alberto Rojas Maza in 2002, as an independant space devoted to photography and its relations with other artistic disciplines, a space for meeting, communication and discussions between photographers and non photographers.


CP focuses its activities in the field of training developing a program that covers from basic introduction to master classes with great photographers and basing the learning process not only in technical aspects but also in the transmission of cultural and human values which we consider necessary for the developing of photographers.


In parallel, CP designs and develops cultural projects related to photography independently and in collaboration with other schools and institutions both public and private.


A library and bookstore are also available



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Cobertura Photo

C/ Narciso Campillo, 4 - 41001 Sevilla - Espagne

+34 954 50 28 46