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3D CGI - Retouch - post prod- 360° HDR - Europe

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Studio de production CGI à Bayonne, Pixteur prend en charge les projets de toute taille grâce à son équipe spécialisée dans le mariage de solutions créatives et de technologies modernes.

Création de visuels époustouflants avec un mélange subtil de savoir-faire américain gung-ho et de panache européen.

Nous aidons les agences à raconter des histoires et à améliorer l'engagement des marques
grâce à une créativité belle, crédible et émotionnelle.

Produire avec passion des créations des plus hauts standards
en partenariat avec des agences et des marques mondiales.

Pixteur is a creative CGI & post-production studio based in southern France.

Creating killer visuals with a subtle mix of American gung-ho know-how & European panache.

We help agencies tell stories and deliver improved engagement for brands
through beautiful, believable and emotional creative.

Passionately producing creative of the highest standards
in partnership with global agencies & brands.


We help agencies and clients with all aspects of creative image production big or small.


We create bespoke imagery using the lates technology, smoke and mirrors are old-school.

Previz, conceptual CGI modeling, CGI environments, PBR texturing, virtual sets, rigging, animation, VFX simulation...


It's all in the details... that's why we work hard to over-deliver and add in the small stuff that nobody notices, well... we sure do.

Final retouching, grading, VFX or compositing, this is where we make your project sing!

Shoot Production

Automotive, beauty, creative, food, architectural, 360° HDR & backplates, studio/location – our photographers can do it all.

We also love teaming with your preferred photographer and creatives.


- CGI: Modeling, Animation, Texturing, Rendering, Compositing
- Post-Production & Retouching
- 360° HDR & Backplate custom photography
- Digital Illustration
- Concept design and sketching







DDB Paris


Arsenal Targis - TBWA France

StudioZe - Toulouse

Jigsaw - USA

JWD Creative - USA

General Electric - USA

Alice Blue - USA


Multiple 4x GPU workstations and latest DCC apps & render engines.



In North America, we are represented by Tim Mitchell Artist Representative (TM/AR)

TM/AR is a commercial photography and post-production agency representing some of the most trusted, renowned and distinctive photographers and 3D/CGI talent in the U.S. and Europe.

Tim brings an appreciation for sophisticated and unique visual sensibilities and a world of international production experience with many of the top photographers, art producers and creatives and art directors in the industry to TM/AR.

With the exceptional artists they represent, and with hands-on production expertise, TM/AR & Pixteur can help you cross creative borders, explore new terrain... and still come back safely and on budget with the utterly unique images that will set you and your clients apart.

Just ask Aramark, AT&T, ATR, AUDI, Baxter, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Compaq, Capital One, Corona, Delta, Dell, Disney, Evinrude, Ford, GE, GMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Intel, KIA, Lexus, LL Bean, Mobil One, Negra Modelo, Nissan, Novo Nordisk, Palm, Pfizer, Samsung, Silk, Snap-On, Sony, Target, TIME, Toyota, or Visa.

Then ask Tim or his associate Bethany Duffy how Pixteur Studios can help your next project go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Tim Mitchell Artist Representative – https://tmar.com

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Jesse Zamjahn

831 route de l'Océan - 40390 Saint-Martin-de-Hinx

05 59 08 31 12 / 06 64 27 84 03

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